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Current Mortgage and Refinance Rates in Local Texas
15thJan, 2014

Texas Refinance | Austin ~DFW~Houston~San Antonio

Texas Refinance|  Austin ~DFW~Houston~San Antonio.  One of our past Texas mortgage clients called us up today because they want to refinance their existing 30 year fixed rate mortgage to a low, 15 year fixed rate.  Bank of America offered them 4.00% and 4K in lender/closing costs.

  • Our 15 year mortgage rate, based on today’s rates is bouncing between 3.75-3.875%.  (Call for today’s current Tx mortgage rates)
27thJul, 2013

Austin | Dallas | Houston | 2013

Austin | Dallas | Houston | Your Home Town

  • In Austin, call 512-996-8194
  • In DFW, call 972-325-2120
  • In Houston, call 713-589-2244
  • Don’t lock your loan until you get our estimate.  Call or email today!

If you’re thinking of refinancing your Texas property, then today is a great day to lock your loan.

  • Today’s 30 year rates are bouncing between 4.625-4.75%
  • Whereas the Texas 20 year fixed rate is 4.5-4.625%
8thMar, 2013

Tx Cashout Refi Rates | March

Tx Cashout Refi Rates | March 2013

Austin | DFW | Houston | El Paso

  • Main number:  512-996-8194 ( Austin)

One of the challenges with Texas cashout refinancing is you need to have good/great scores.  Why it’s true that most banks require a 680 minimum credit score, we can go up to 75% with a 660 mid FICO score.

So what do today’s Texas cash out rates look like with sub 700 scores.  Assuming …

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7thMar, 2013

DFW | Houston | Austin Mortgage | March 2013

DFW | Houston | Austin Mortgage


Call us at 512-996-8194 to request your loan estimate.

Today’s 30 year rates are still bouncing between 3.75-3.875%.  Keep in mind, this is the NO point (not buying the rate down) option assuming 720+ credits scores and 20% down or 80% loan to value.

For example, I just got a phone call from a potential Houston, Texas client who is buying a brand new home–builder–and …

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28thFeb, 2013

Refi Mortgage | Houston | DFW | Austin

Refi Mortgage | Houston | DFW | Austin

Feb-March 2013

We’re moving into March and mortgage refinance rates are still really low.  And a lot of people are moving from the traditional 30 year mortgage to a 20 or even a 15-year fixed rate.   We are also noticing an up-tick in the amount of Texas jumbo cash out loans we’re funding.  Not to mention 15 year mtg refi rates.

Call us today to get the

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